Balance of Payments Task Team (BPTT)

The Balance of Payments Task Team (BPTT) will advise the IMF’s Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM) in the process of revising the BPM6. BPTT will deal with general principles, structural and cross-cutting issues, review and coordinate the specialized topics covered by the other Task Teams (TTs), and liaise and ensure coordination with the TTs working under the aegis of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG) and with ongoing work in other statistical domains.

BPTT will ensure overall consistency of the proposals before they are presented to BOPCOM as well as ensure no duplication of work. BPTT will also provide advice to BOPCOM on the Annotated Outline to be prepared by the IMF’s Statistics Department and thereafter on the draft chapters of BPM7.  

BPTT would be operational during the BPM6 update process. Further details on the mandate and operations; scope; guidance notes and working procedures; composition; and key issues to be addressed by BPTT are provided in the Terms of Reference.     

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BPTT Meetings

Inaugural Meeting, June 15, 2020


The purpose of this global consultation is to receive feedback from worldwide compilers/users of macroeconomic statistics not involved in the update process, with a view to informing further the proposals to be presented for formal approval to the IMF’s Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM)/Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts (AEG). Each GN will be available for a period of four-weeks for public consultation after its posting on this webpage. Please refer to the BPM6 Update: Compendium of Research Issues for the full list of topics on which GNs will be prepared by the BPM6 Update Task Teams and made available for public consultation.

If you want to provide comments on a GN, please click the accompanying link to access the survey.

B.4 Reconciliation Between Flows and Stocks (Survey on this Guidance Note closed on October 19, 2020)

Draft Guidance Note B.4