Current Account Task Team (CATT)

The Current Account Task Team (CATT) is one of the Task Teams (TTs) established by the IMF’s Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM) to contribute to the revision process of the BPM6. CATT will provide technical inputs and make recommendations on current account issues within the framework of the revision. Its mandate will include addressing the current account issues identified in the research agenda of BOPCOM and proposing documented solutions for its discussion by BOPCOM.

CATT will be operational mostly throughout the Phase I of the BPM6 update process (March 2020–March 2022). However, CATT may also be consulted during Phase II (drafting of the BPM7 chapters) on an as-needed basis, should any significant issues arise during the worldwide consultation process overseen by BPTT.

Further details on the mandate and operations; guidance notes and working procedures; composition; and key issues to be addressed by CATT are provided in the Terms of Reference.     

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CATT Meetings

Inaugural Meeting, June 11, 2020