News Brief: Statement by IMF Managing Director Horst Köhler on the Death of Rudiger Dornbusch

July 29, 2002

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Horst Köhler today made the following statement:

"It is with great sadness that we must accept the passing of Professor Rudiger Dornbusch, one of the great economists of our day. His research has had a profound impact on our work at the Fund; he leaves behind a rich legacy of ideas. Fortunately, he has also left behind a great many of his students, no small number of which are here working at the International Monetary Fund. Rudiger Dornbusch was a man of enormous charm, humor and wit, one of those people who is larger than life. We shall miss him greatly."

For a recent tribute by Kenneth Rogoff to Rudiger Dornbusch, see "Dornbusch's Overshooting Model After Twenty-Five Years"

For a recent interview with Professor Dornbusch published in IMF Survey, Vol. 31, No. 6, March 25, 2002, pp. 93-96, see


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