Public Debt Management Forum Confronts the Changes, Innovations and Future Challenges in Sovereign Markets

June 2, 2017

Traditional approaches to sovereign debt management will have to adapt to cope with new risks and structural and regulatory changes, even as major macroeconomic shifts in advanced and developing economies are affecting sovereign issuance strategies; these changes present opportunities but also challenges. That message underlay much of the discussion during the Sixteenth Public Debt Management Forum, co-hosted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Mexican Ministry of Finance, held during June 1-2 and bringing together senior officials from 31 advanced and emerging market economies, international financial institutions, and leading global and Mexican private sector firms.

Mr. Tao Zhang, IMF’s Deputy Managing Director, said in a speech that “debt management underpins the credibility and reputation of a sovereign. It reinforces the stability of debt markets and the financial institutions that hold public debt.” Mr. Zhang noted that the Fund is therefore engaged in debt management as part of the policy advice and analysis with member countries, as well as on a regional and global level; through forward-thinking analysis of critical issues like medium-term debt strategy and local currency bond markets; and as a subject of technical assistance and capacity building.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Ms. Vanessa Rubio, highlighted that the Forum represents an opportunity for the Mexican Government to contribute and collaborate with ideas, experiences, and policy actions to address some of the most relevant challenges facing debt managers. She emphasized the relevance of the Mexican experience, where the debt management strategy, as part of a comprehensive set of policy actions aimed to strengthen economic fundamentals, has been an important tool to support markets. She applauded this year´s Forum as a stage to promote innovation in debt management aimed at enhancing its efficiency and its contribution to financial stability.

The next IMF Public Debt Management Forum will take place in 2019. Details will be announced closer to the time.

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