Managing Director Georgieva's Closing Remarks at the Sudan Conference's Plenary Session on "Delivering on Economic Promises and Moving Towards Sudanese Debt Forgiveness"

May 17, 2021

Thank you, President Macron—it has been an honor to be here at this conference to celebrate and foster Sudan’s return to the international community.

I am very encouraged by the very strong expressions of support heard from all participants.

We started the day with a financing gap to clear Sudan’s arrears to the IMF and deliver the IMF’s share of HIPC debt relief. We end up with this gap being filled, thanks to most welcome new grants from Saudi Arabia and France, complementing earlier pledges from the United States, the European Union, Italy, and Sweden.

We still need IMF member countries to convert informal pledges of support for the financial package for Sudan into formal commitments. I again urge every member country to do so urgently. We are down to the wire, but I know we will get there with your support.

Thank you!

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