New Global Challenges Amid Incomplete and Divergent Recoveries

Joint BIS, BoE, ECB and IMF Conference
27-28 April 2022

April 27-28, 2022

This year’s BIS-BOE-ECB-IMF spillover conference, titled New Global Challenges Amid Incomplete and Divergent Recoveries, will be hosted by the IMF, and held virtually on April 27-28, 2022.


The pandemic and geopolitical tensions continue to pose new challenges for the global economy. Inflation has risen sharply, amidst supply chain disruptions, even as the recoveries in labor markets and output remain incomplete. As such, policymakers face difficult trade-offs, including how to best balance multiple objectives amidst substantial uncertainty, and how to clearly communicate their views to limit market disruptions. These challenges are most acute in emerging market economies, to the extent that central bank reputations are less established, recoveries are lagging, and countries are exposed to spillovers from developments and policies elsewhere. This conference aims to close gaps in our understanding of the international transmission of vulnerabilities, shocks and policies, and the trade-offs for policymakers, in the current environment of incomplete and divergent recoveries, high uncertainty, and structural change.


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