Addressing the Hidden Dimensions of Poverty in Knowledge and Policies

Washington, DC (Preston Auditorium, World Bank HQ)

February 15, 2024

Progress in poverty reduction has been measured primarily in terms of consumption or income. However, other aspects of life are also critical for well-being, and a number of initiatives have been underway to develop multidimensional measures of poverty. This conference will bring together academics, practitioners, and people who have direct experience of poverty as co-researchers to better understand the key dimensions of poverty and their relationships. It will also look into the Instrument for the Deliberative Elaboration and Evaluation of Policies (IDEEP) that has been developed to better design, implement and assess policies, trainings or projects, that aim to address poverty with the active participation and inclusion of people who are experiencing poverty.

The conference will draw on research from a multi-year participatory project carried out by the International Movement ATD Fourth World, in collaboration with Oxford University. Their approach combines knowledge from action, academic research, and the life experiences of those who have faced poverty, to provide new insights about the multidimensional nature of poverty. World Bank, IMF, and academic researchers and practitioners will comment and contribute their own perspectives. Conference participants will discuss how to make further progress in poverty measurement, policy, and action.

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This conference is jointly hosted by ATD Fourth World, the IMF and the World Bank.

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