Annual Report cover 2000
Annual Report of the Executive Board

Annual Report of the Executive Board for the Financial Year Ended April 30, 2000

September 2000



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Letter of Transmittal
Executive Board and Senior Officers
Board of Governors, Executive Board, International Monetary and Financial Committee, and Development Committee

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1. The Setting: World Economic Developments in FY2000
Global Environment
Key Developments in Emerging Market and Advanced
2. IMF Country, Global, and Regional Surveillance
Country Surveillance
Global Surveillance
   World Economic Outlook
   International Capital Markets
Regional Surveillance
   Central African Economic and Monetary

   Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in the
      Euro Area
3. Evaluations of IMF Surveillance and Research Activities
External Evaluation of IMF Surveillance
Biennial Review of Surveillance
External Evaluation of IMF Research Activities
Independent Evaluation Office Established
4. Reform of the Global Financial Architecture
Transparency and Accountability
Developing Standards, Principles, and Guidelines
Assessing Standards
Strengthening Financial Systems
External Vulnerability and Capital Flows
Capital Account Liberalization and Capital Controls
Exchange Rate Regimes
Involving the Private Sector in Forestalling and Resolving
Reform of IMF Facilities
International Monetary and Financial Committee

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5. Poverty Reduction and Debt Relief for Poor Countries
Debt Relief
   Enhancing the HIPC Initiative
Linking Debt Relief and Poverty Reduction:
   The Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
   Operational Issues
   Avoiding Delays in Implementation: Interim PRSPs
Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility
Social Issues and Policies in IMF-Supported
Trade, Development, and Poverty Reduction
6. Financial Operations and Support for Member Countries
The IMF's Liquidity
Members' Use of IMF Resources and Credit
   Stand-By and Extended Arrangements
   Special Facilities and Policies
   Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility
   Enhanced HIPC Initiative
Income, Charges, and Burden Sharing
Overdue Financial Obligations
   Progress Under the Strengthened Cooperative

SDR Department
   SDR Valuation and Interest Rate Baskets
   SDR Operations and Transactions
   Pattern of SDR Holdings
Issues Related to IMF Support for Member Countries
   Review of IMF Financial Facilities
   Strengthening Safeguards and Addressing

   Program Design Issues: Inflation Targeting and

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7. Technical Assistance and Training
Developments in FY2000
Review of Technical Assistance
Follow-Up to Technical Assistance Review
Policy Statement on IMF Technical Assistance
8. IMF Organization, Staffing, and Budget
   Executive Board
   Recruitment and Retention
   Stress on IMF Staff
   Salary Structure
Administrative and Capital Budgets
   Medium-Term Plans
   Budgets and Expenditure in FY2000
   Budgets and Expenditure in FY2001
Selection of New Managing Director

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  1. International Reserves
  2. Financial Operations and Transactions
  3. Principal Policy Decisions of the Executive Board
  4. IMF Relations with Other International Organizations
  5. External Relations

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  1. Press Communiqués of the Interim Committee, the International Monetary and Financial Committee, and the Development Committee
  2. Executive Directors and Voting Power on April 30, 2000
  3. Changes in Membership of the Executive Board
  4. Financial Statements