Review of Procedures on Cooperation with Investigations of Fund Activities by Auditing Institutions of Members

Publication Date:

January 16, 2007


In February 2001, the Executive Board adopted a decision (Decision No. 12424–(01/13)) regarding procedures for cooperation with investigations on the Fund and/or its activities by auditing institutions of members. In January 2004, the Executive Board reviewed the procedures without making any changes to them (Decision No. 13172–(04/6)). The 2004 review called for the procedures to be again reviewed by the Board no later than January 31, 2007. Under the procedures adopted by Decision No. 12424–(01/13), the Fund will be prepared to meet a request to cooperate with investigating agencies of members for the preparation of reports on the Fund and its activities, provided that a request is channeled through an Executive Director’s office and includes (i) a precise description of the terms of reference of the enquiry; and (ii) written assurances that: confidential information provided in the course of the enquiry will not be disclosed; management and staff will be given an opportunity to review any report resulting from the enquiry before its circulation outside the agency to ascertain that no confidential information is disclosed in the report and that the factual information is correct; and the views of management and staff will be included in the report in an acceptable manner. Before any cooperation under the procedures commences, the Executive Board must be notified of the request for cooperation. In July 2001, to guide staff in the implementation of the procedures, operational guidelines were issued.


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Publication Date:

January 16, 2007



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