Middle East and Central Asia

Middle East and Central Asia Regional Economic Outlook

May 2006

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The report provides a broad synopsis of recent economic developments and prospects in the countries covered by the IMF's Middle East and Central Asia Department, and highlights the need for policies to adjust further to a world of high oil prices.

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Recent Macroeconomic Developments and Prospects
  Recent Economic Developments and Policies
  Economic Outlook and Risks
  Policy Issues
  1. What Happened to Higher Oil Revenues in Oil-Exporting Countries?
  2. Pass-Through of Higher Oil Prices to Domestic Product Prices
  3. Developments in Equity Markets—Fundamentals or Bubbles?
  1. Global Real GDP Growth
  2. Real GDP Growth in MCD
  3. Consumer Price Index
  4. External Current Account Balance
  5. Foreign Direct Investment
  6. Gross Official Reserves
  7. Central Government Fiscal Balance
  8. Total Government Debt
  9. Money Growth and Inflation, 2005
  10. Credit to the Private Sector
  11. Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
  12. Real Effective Exchange Rate
  13. WEO Global Assumptions
Statistical Appendix
  Data and Conventions
  1. Real GDP Growth
  2. Real Oil and Non-Oil GDP Growth for Oil Exporters
  3. Nominal Gross Domestic Product
  4. Consumer Price Index
  5. Broad Money
  6. Central Government Fiscal Balance
  7. Central Government Total Revenue Excluding Grants
  8. Central Government Non-Oil Fiscal Balance
  9. Central Government Non-Oil Revenue
  10. Central Government Total Expenditure and Net Lending
  11. Central Government Wages and Salaries
  12. Total Government Debt
  13. Export of Goods and Services Growth
  14. Import of Goods and Services Growth
  15. Terms of Trade
  16. Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
  17. Real Effective Exchange Rate
  18. External Current Account Balance
  19. Gross Official Reserves
  20. Total Gross External Debt