Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Economic Outlook

September 2006

World Economic and Financial Surveys

Prepared by the Policy Wing of the IMF African Department, and published twice a year in English and French, this report analyzes economic performance and short-term prospects of the 44 countries covered by the Department. Topics examined in recent volumes include responses to exogenous shocks, growth performance and growth-enhancing policies, the effectiveness of regional trade arrangements, macroeconomic implications of scaled-up aid, financial sector development, and fiscal decentralization. Detailed country data, grouped by oil-exporting and -importing countries and other analytical groupings as well as by subregion, are provided in a statistical appendix, and a list of relevant publications by the African Department is included.

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I. Overview
  External Environment
  The Outlook for 2006
  Prospects for 2007
  Implications of Rising Oil Prices
  MDRI and the MDGs
II. Developments in 2006
  Economic Developments in Oil Exporters
  Economic Developments in Oil Importers
  Official Grants and Debt Relief
III. Prospects for 2007
IV. The Implications of Rising Oil Prices
  Pass-Through of Higher Oil Prices to Domestic Prices, 2003-06
  Social Impact of Higher Oil Prices
  The Impact of Rising Commodity Prices on GDP in Oil Importers—Simulations
Statistical Appendix
  Data and Conventions
  List of Statistical Tables
Publications of the IMF African Department, 2003-06
2.1. Private Capital Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa
2.2. Fiscal Transparency Among Oil Producers—Recent Progress
2.3. The Growing Importance of South Africa for Sub-Saharan Africa
2.4. The Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) and Poverty-Reducing Spending
2.5. Remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa: Their Size and Importance
4.1. Simulated Impact of Higher Fuel Prices on GDP
2.1. Sub-Saharan Africa: Selected Indicators, 2002-07
2.1. Real GDP Growth and Investment, 2000-06
2.2. Commodity Prices
2.3. Real Per Capita GDP Growth, 2000-06
2.4. Inflation, 2000-06
2.5. Real Effective Exchange Rate
2.6. Sub-Saharan Africa: Average Rank Difference with Other Regions on Selected Doing Business Indicators
2.7. Oil-Exporting Countries: GDP, Investment, and Net Exports, 2000-06
2.8. Oil Exporters: Impact on Current Account of Oil Export Earnings, 2003-05
2.9. Portion of Oil Revenue Spent, 2002-06
2.10. Use of Increased Oil Revenues, 2003-2006
2.11. Capital Expenditure, 2002-06
2.12. Oil-Importing Countries: GDP, Investment and Net Exports, 2000-06
2.13. Real GDP Growth, 2000-06
3.1. Real GDP Growth, 2007
4.1. Pass-Through of Higher Gasoline Prices, 2003-06
4.2. Pass-Through of Higher Gasoline, Kerosene, and Diesel Prices, 2003-06
4.3. Taxation of Gasoline, 2003-06
4.4. Selected SSA Countries: Pretax Prices for Kerosene, 2006