Western Hemisphere Region

Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere

November 2006

World Economic and Financial Surveys

This report provides the IMF's latest views on recent developments and prospects for the region, discusses potential risks to the forecast, and describes key policy challenges.

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Chapter I. the Global Economy and Outlook for the United States and Canada
  A. The Global Context
  B. The Outlook for the United States and Canada
  C. Global Challenges
Chapter II. Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  A. Main Developments and Prospects
  B. Macroeconomic Policy Stance
  C. Risks to the Outlook
  D. Policy Challenges
Main Economic Indicators
Appendix: Methodology for Fiscal Impulse Calculations
  1. Macroeconomic Policy During Expansions: Then and Now
  2. Managing Commodity Price Windfalls in Chile
  3. Trends in Real Primary Spending Across Countries, 2002– 06
  4. Brazil: Recent Steps to Liberalize Foreign Exchange Market Regulations
  5. Changing Oil and Natural Gas Fiscal Regimes in Andean Countries
  6. Making Budgets More Flexible
  7. Is Credit Growing Too Fast?
  8. Fiscal Reforms and Equity in Latin America and the Caribbean
  9. Labor Market Regulations and Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean
  10. The Evolving Role of the Fund in Latin America