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Title: Trade Reform and Regional Integration in Africa

Author: Iqbal, Zubair ; Khan, S. Mohsin

Series: Books

Date: December 3, 1998

Title: Australia : Benefiting from Economic Reforms

Author: International Monetary Fund

Series: Books

Date: November 20, 1998

Title: Tax Law Design and Drafting, Volume 2

Author: Thuronyi, T Victor

Series: Books

Date: June 25, 1998

Notes: See Volume I

Title: Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks, Volume V

Author: Effros, Robert

Series: Books

Date: May 20, 1998

Title: Social Safety Nets : Issues and Recent Experience

Author: Chu, Ke-young ; Gupta, Sanjeev

Series: Books

Date: April 15, 1998