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We entrust economists with the health of the world economy. Should they, like medical doctors, take an oath of ethics?

I am but one drop amid many in the vast ocean of social, political, and economic realities. Yet, bearing the essence of the entire ocean, I will carry out my duties with detachment, free from emotional ties to outcomes or to the allure of recognition.

As I dedicate myself to understanding our world and enhancing individual freedoms, informed by past wisdom and the universal principles that bridge human experiences, I pledge to set aside my fleeting urges and elevate my feelings, thoughts, and actions toward wisdom, liberty, and service.

People behind the numbers

I will always remember that behind the numbers and codes there are people with dreams, aspirations, and needs.

Tradition and freedom

In crafting policies, I will respect local traditions, yet be informed by universal human freedoms, while ensuring that my values guide but do not dominate.

Humble listening, thoughtful speaking

With imagination and curiosity, I will aim to uncover unseen layers of people, places, and ideas, valuing understanding over quick judgments.

Diversity in understanding

I will honor truths from diverse voices, regardless of background, eloquence, or identity.

Mindful of motives, yet objective

I will be honest about my personal leanings, politics, and ambitions while making a sincere effort to anchor my work and advice in objectivity.

Truth through data

I commit to using data to uncover and measure the deeper truths of our economic lives, even before I look for cause and effect.

Grit and grace in learning

I promise to continuously hone my expertise, learn from missteps, and stay open to fresh insights, even those that question my core beliefs.

Progress with perspective

Beyond the promotion of individual and national incomes, I vow to enhance progress rooted in human well-being and inclusive prosperity.

Clarity amid complexity

I will communicate my insights clearly and without pretension so that complex ideas are both accessible and respected for their intricacy.

Shared stewardship

Engaged with civil society, I will spur broader participation in economic dialogue, emphasizing our shared stake in the economic future.

Principled pragmatism

Real-world constraints may push me toward quick wins or voter-safe solutions, but I will strive for policies rooted in sound principles and social welfare.

Mentorship for tomorrow

By guiding and inspiring future economists, I will ensure that the torch of wisdom and curiosity shines brighter across eras.

Future focus

I will endeavor to shape an economy that benefits the planet and future generations, placing suitable value on the distant rewards of sustainable growth.

Seeing the unseen

Aware of potential distortions from varying interests, I will remember the unrepresented, weighing visible benefits against unseen costs for silent stakeholders.

Principled path

Even in the absence of external rules or laws, my ethical stance will remain steady—advance progress or avoid harm and never forget my work’s societal implications.

With this pledge, I hold in my heart a commitment to apply my knowledge and efforts for the greater good, ever conscious of my duty to people, planet, and progress.



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