The International Monetary Fund is preparing a Strategy to strengthen its engagement with fragile and conflict-affected states (FCS). Building on the Fund’s long-standing experience in FCS, the Strategy will further articulate the IMF’s role in helping countries to exit from fragility. It will also identify and propose specific measures to enhance the impact of the Fund’s engagement over the next three years. The Strategy is expected to strengthen the IMF’s ability to support FCS in correcting balance of payments, promoting macroeconomic stability, and building institutions to deliver good policies for sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The Strategy also seeks to complement efforts by other actors and organizations supporting FCS, focusing on the IMF’s comparative advantage. The FCS Strategy will be submitted for consideration and approval to the IMF’s Executive Board in December 2021.

Learn more about the IMF’s FCS Strategy: Download the Concept Note

The IMF values stakeholder engagement to shape its policies and programs. Consultations with external partners are taking place through September 24, 2021. The draft Concept Note on this website outlines the rationale, vision, objectives, and initial proposals under consideration. The IMF seeks views on the following key questions, in addition to other comments and recommendations which may contribute to the FCS Strategy’s development:

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  • What are your views on the envisaged IMF FCS Strategy?

  • Which specific areas do you see for the IMF to further enhance its effectiveness to support FCS in achieving macroeconomic stability to help them exit from fragility?

  • Given the mandates, core competencies, and comparative advantages of various actors and organizations involved in FCS, what are the main topics, areas, and modes of cooperation you foresee?