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Entry-Level Recruitment Programs

The IMF recruitment programs for entry-level economists, research assistants, and interns offer the opportunity to work in a variety of departments and to make an immediate contribution to our mission while providing a unique platform to launch your career.

Economist Program (EP)▸ 

Research Assistant Program (RAP)▸ 

Fund Internship Program (FIP)▸ 

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Experienced Professionals

The IMF opportunities for experienced candidates span a range of areas, including economics, finance, legal, accounting, communications, human resources, information technology, library, security, and facilities.

Experienced Economists▸ 

Short-Term Experts▸ 

Externally-Financed Appointees (EFA) and Special Appointees Program (SFA)▸ 

Specialized Career Stream Professionals▸ 

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Support Staff

The IMF recruits regularly for support staff positions across all departments and fields. Other than for the Research Assistant Program, support staff positions are recruited locally in the DC metro area.

Research Assistant Program (economics)▸ 

Research Assistants (economics)▸ 

Administrative and Specialized Assistants▸