Sharmini A. Coorey

Director, Institute for Capacity Development, IMF 

Sharmini Coorey, a national of Sri Lanka, has been the Director of the Institute for Capacity Development since May 1, 2012, and Director of the IMF Institute since January 2012. (The IMF Institute merged with the Office of Technical Assistance Management on May 1, 2012 to become the Institute for Capacity Development.). The Institute aims to promote stronger synergies and better coordination between IMF technical assistance, training and other elements of capacity development; help the IMF’s capacity development activities better adapt to member countries’ needs and priorities; and raise funds from donors for these activities. It also delivers training to country officials through a global network of eight training centers and oversees the management of nine regional technical assistance centers around the world. In addition, the Institute provides internal economics training to strengthen the ability of Fund staff to provide high quality analysis and advice to member countries.

Before heading the Institute, Ms. Coorey was Deputy Director in the IMF’s African Department where she oversaw the Fund’s work in a number of countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and the CEMAC region. Her oversight responsibilities also included the department’s financial sector work and research agenda. Ms. Coorey has also worked in the IMF’s European Department, Asian Department, Western Hemisphere Department and the Policy Development and Review Department. Her experience includes work on surveillance and Fund-supported programs in a range of industrial and emerging economies including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Korea, Mexico and the United States as well as on various Fund-wide policy issues. She also served on the Editorial Committee of IMF Staff Papers and was a visiting researcher at George Washington University’s Elliot School for International Affairs.

Ms. Coorey holds a Ph.D. and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University. She has published papers on inflation and economic growth in transition and developing countries and edited a book on managing the oil wealth of the CEMAC region.

Last Updated: August 26, 2020