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Financial Sector Policies

Virtual: Core Elements of Banking Supervision (CBS)

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Session No.: AT 21.15V

Location: Ebene, Mauritius

Date: April 12-23, 2021 (2 weeks)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: French

    Target Audience

    The audience targeted consists of mid- to senior-level officials from Central Banks and other interested government institutions.

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    Degree in economics/banking

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    Participants should be familiar with basic banking regulation and supervisory procedures

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    Course Description

    Provides a comprehensive view of conceptual and operational issues related to bank regulation and supervision. The course covers elements of micro- and macroprudential supervision, including the Basel core principles, banking regulation developments, liquidity requirements, and stress testing. The course also offers discussions and exercises on concrete applications and approaches often used by supervisors. Exercises simulating supervisory routines and analysis complement the lectures. Participants are expected to provide their own perspectives on, and experience with, the issues covered in the course.

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    Course Objectives

    Participants should be able to

    • Identify and explain the main components of the prudential regulatory framework;
    •  Describe effective supervisory approaches and tools; and
    • Extract lessons from previous financial stability threats to prevent their recurrence.
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