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Fiscal Policy

Virtual Workshop in Collaboration with ATI on the Joint IMF and WB Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-income Countries

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Session No.: AT 22.38V

Location: Ebene, Mauritius

Date: September 26-30, 2022 (1 week)

Primary Language: French

    Target Audience

    Ideally the candidates should be fiscal management experts responsible for macro-economic projections and broader fiscal management; officials directly involved in preparation of country debt sustainability analysis; officials involved in lending/aid decisions (loan officers, credit risk analysts).

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    Participants should have a degree in economics or finance, and should have reasonably fluency in French. Experience with debt sustainability analysis, or credit risk analysis would be extremely useful.

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    Course Description

    The course would present an overview of the tools available to assist with debt sustainability analysis in French-speaking African low-income countries. This workshop will be conducted via Zoom platform and a reliable broadband is required. A device with either the Zoom desktop application or a Google Chrome web browser are essential. We recommend using a computer to fully benefit from the lectures and exercises of this course.

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    Course Objectives

    The objective of the five-day workshop is to present the key features of the revised framework and provide hands-on training in the use of the new LIC DSF template. Participants will have an opportunity to work through a country case study and analyze the output of the LIC DSF template to better understand debt vulnerabilities.

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