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Cancelled - Virtual: Use of Financial Intelligence for Money Laundering Investigations and Prosecutions


Session No.: CE 21.35V

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Date: June 8-10, 2021 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Arabic

    Target Audience

    The course targets participants from financial intelligence units, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors' office. It will assist in improving the participants' understanding of financial intelligence, investigations and prosecutions of ML related cases, and of how to act on related financial intelligence.

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    This course is provided virtually by the Legal Department at the International Monetary Fund and is designed to strengthen the capacity of officials from Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) to use financial intelligence for money laundering investigations and prosecutions.

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    Course Description

    This three-day course will discuss common barriers to and identify and prioritize good practices in the use of financial intelligence to effectively assist money laundering investigations and prosecutions, and in effectively managing seized and confiscated assets. The course will cover: (i) the dissemination of financial intelligence, (ii) financial investigations of ML and financial crimes, (iii) international cooperation, (iv) management of seized and confiscated assets, and (v) gathering evidence and successful prosecutions and sanction of money laundering (ML) cases. The trainers will share best practices in using financial intelligence to support ML investigations and prosecutions and provide practical examples of good practices in this area.

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