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Virtual : AML-CFT Regulation and Supervision of Virtual Assets Service Providers

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Session No.: CE 22.15V

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Date: March 28-31, 2022 (1 week)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Arabic

    Target Audience

    The course will be particularly useful for:

    • Policy makers responsible for the introduction of AML/CFT laws and policies for the VASP sector;
    • AML/CFT supervisors and risk analysts;
    • Investigators and prosecutors responsible for the enforcement of the ML offence and other financial crimes; and
    • FIU analysts.
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    Participants will be expected to have experience and current responsibilities in the following areas:

    • Preparation/drafting of laws for AML/CFT (including the VASP sector)
    • AML/CFT supervision
    • Investigation/Prosecution of ML and financial crimes¿ FIU intelligence analysis
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    Course Description

    The course will examine the key concepts of Virtual Assets (VA) and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), and the ways in which risks related to VA can be assessed, along with the elements required for an effective AML/CFT legal framework. Licensing/registration, preventative measures and supervision will be covered, with particular emphasis on how they apply to the VASP sector. The way in which VA might change how financial intelligence is processed and financial crimes are investigated and prosecuted will be discussed along with the challenges posed by VA for asset confiscation.

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    Course Objectives

    Course participants will be given a good understanding of:

    • The key pillars of an AML/CFT legal framework for VA and VASPs;
    • The basic requirements of a "Financial Action Task Force compliant system" for the licensing/registration and supervision of the VASP sector;
    • And how VA may necessitate changes to the ways in which this class of property needs to be dealt with for AML/CFT enforcement purposes.
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