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Financial Sector Policies

Debt Management, Debt Reporting, and Investor Relations (DMIR)

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Session No.: CE 23.01

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Date: January 8-12, 2023 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Arabic

    Target Audience

    Officials from debt management offices, ministries of finance, and central banks who deal with topics related to government debt in low- and lower-middle income countries.

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    Participants are expected to have a degree in economics or finance, or equivalent experience.

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    Course Description

    This course, presented by the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, provides capacity building for debt managers on sound practices in debt management, debt reporting, and investor relations to support debt management operations and improve public debt transparency. The course uses the Revised Guidelines for Public Debt Management as the foundation for discussing the key requirements and benefits of publishing comprehensive, accurate, and timely debt data, including through regular debt reports or bulletins. Officials are trained on the importance of transparency for effective investor relations, market development, and sound debt management. The course enhances the capacity of the government to efficiently support public debt management through debt reporting and investor relations practices grounded in core debt management principles.

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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Understand the importance of regular debt reporting in the context of the Revised Guidelines for Public Debt Management.
    • Explain the cost-risk characteristics of a debt portfolio, including guaranteed debt.
    • Calculate relevant debt portfolio indicators and redemption profiles.
    • Describe the importance of regularly publishing debt bulletins and annual debt management reports.
    • Produce debt bulletins, debt reports, and investor relations presentations.
    • Discuss relevant investor relations practices that improve debt transparency.
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