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Macroeconomic Statistics

Compilation Basics for Macroeconomic Statistics (CBMSx)

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Session No.: OL 19.120

Location: Course conducted online

Date: October 9, 2019 - January 8, 2020 (13 weeks)

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Officials who compile macroeconomic and financial statistics in national statistical organizations, ministries of finance, economy, or planning, or in central banks.

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    Some knowledge of economics and statistics is helpful. Access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection with Google Chrome web browser and basic Excel skills are essential.

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    Course Description

    This online course, presented by the IMF's Statistics Department reviews the basic skills, concepts, and principles required to compile and disseminate macroeconomic and financial statistics. The course covers topics such as residence, institutional units, institutional sectors, accounting rules, financial instruments, stocks and flows, the IMF's Data Standards Initiatives, and presents the basic macroeconomic linkages among these statistics.

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    Course Objectives

    • Differentiate institutional units and sectors;
    • Apply the concept of residence;
    • Record in an integrated manner stocks and flows;
    • Apply appropriate accounting rules;
    • Classify financial instruments;
    • Summarize the requirements and recommendations of the IMF's Data;
    • Standards Initiatives; and
    • Evaluate macroeconomic inter-linkages.
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