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Fiscal Policy

Virtual: Risk-Based Audit and Investigation Techniques


Session No.: SA 21.14V

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: May 17-21, 2021 (1 week) New dates

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Income tax audit officers and audit managers working in verification units within the Central Board of Direct Taxes of India (CBDT).

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    No formal qualifications are necessary, but participants should have at least 2 years' experience with tax audit/verification work in a revenue administration.

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    Course Description

    This five-day course, presented remotely by the IMF's SARTTAC office, will take participants through a process to equip them with the skills necessary to apply contemporary risk management and prioritization approaches to their work on assessment verification.  The course will cover areas ranging from the components of audit risk through to audit procedures and practical issues such as the management of audit working papers. Audit theory and procedures are discussed from a tax compliance auditor's perspective.

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    Course Objectives

    The expected outcome of the course is for the participants to have augmented their knowledge to undertake audit/verification work in their organization. This work can be expected to contribute to the ability of the CBDT to better conduct audit activities in the short to mid-term.

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