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Fiscal Policy

Compliance Risk Management (CMPLRM)

Deadline passed

Session No.: SA 22.41

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: September 12-16, 2022 (1 week) New dates

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Managers and senior staff who are responsible for establishing or leading the compliance risk function or unit in the revenue department in their country administration.
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    No formal qualifications are necessary, but participants should have at least five years' experience in a tax authority.
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    Participant should be nominated by the country administration.
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    Course Description

    Compliance Risk Management is recognized as a key component of effective tax administration. Ideally, tax administrations would like to achieve 100 percent compliance to achieve expected revenue goals. But the actions of taxpayers, because of ignorance, recklessness, or a deliberate intent to evade, as well as weaknesses of the tax administration, mean that failure to comply is inevitable. Therefore, tax administrations strive to build systems and devise strategies to keep non-compliance to a minimum. The course will demonstrate the importance of a risk-based approach to compliance management and how this leads to effective revenue administration. It will cover theoretical concepts for a systematic approach and then follow these with practical examples. The course will cover the following main topics: What is risk management and why is risk-based management important? Identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks; Mitigating risks through a compliance improvement program; and Development by each administration of plans to implement a risk register and adopt risk differentiation.Discussions and case studies will guide the participants to align the course learnings to the mission, vision and values of their country revenue administrations and to apply the risk treatment plans and strategies for practical compliance work upon return to their administrations.
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    Course Objectives

    The course is designed for participants who are responsible for establishing or leading their administration's compliance risk function or unit. The objective of the course is to cover not only conceptual frameworks for compliance risk management (i.e. theory) but to also ensure that strong fundamentals are established through undertaking practical exercises. Course materials will provide participants with sufficient knowledge and tools to take a leadership role in the establishment or management of the compliance risk system within their administration.
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