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Fiscal Policy

Effective Leadership for Revenue Administration

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Session No.: SA 24.12

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: February 19-23, 2024 (1 week)

Delivery Method: In-person Training

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Directors and senior members of the leadership team of revenue administrations in the region, who are currently or potentially responsible for building the strategic and operational plans, or reform plan(s).

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    No formal qualifications are necessary, but participants should have at least ten years' experience in a RA as well as a current or potential role to contribute to the organization's strategic and/or operational planning and reform agenda during the next three to five years.

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    Course Description

    The course is based on the practice of adaptive leadership, and its application for achieving organizational goals of revenue administrations (RAs). Designed for officials at senior management levels, the course will help participants to effectively implement organizational change. It will their hone their leadership skills for execution of reform and modernization plans and to effectively contribute to the design and implementation of strategic and annual plans of their RAs. Through case studies and role-play, participants will develop critical thinking capabilities around the following key concepts:

    Leadership challenges for RA Modernization and reform
    Management of change- Technical versus Adaptive Work
    Exercising Power- Leadership versus Authority
    Effective Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    Adaptive leadership- how to Observe, Interpret, and Intervene

    The course will also deepen participants' knowledge of strategic and operational planning based on compliance and institutional risk management. In breakout sessions, participants will be encouraged to apply the concepts to their RA reform experiences, particularly the contributing factors to success or in some cases, less-than expected outcomes. The criticality of environmental scanning, stakeholder engagement, conflict management, and calibration of change management process will be elaborated though country experiences. The course will also cover contemporary issues impacting the functioning of RAs such as gender equity, transparency and accountability, and role of technology.

    The course is expected to be a transformative experience for participants, enabling them to effectively exercise leadership roles upon return to their respective RAs.

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    Course Objectives

    The course is designed to strengthen the development of capacities and managerial skills of the current or future management teams of revenue administrations of the region, to prepare them for critical strategic and leadership roles- for achieving their organizational goals as well as successfully implementing reform and modernization plans. Senior management of revenue administrations, particularly the officials responsible for building strategic and operational plans, and those implementing reform and modernization, will find the course very useful.

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