Message from New Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP)

Akihiko YoshidaIt is my utmost honor and pleasure to take up the position of OAP Director, leading the IMF office in the region with ever growing weight in the global economy. Building on the solid foundation established by my predecessors, I would like to aim even higher.

OAP was established in 1997 amid the turbulence of financial crisis in the region. Since its inception, the office has been providing valuable support to IMF staff, authorities and other stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific region. Not only does it offer useful platforms for dialogue among policy makers and academics in the region, but it is also engaged in activities on the ground such as administration of a scholarship program for public officials to study in Japan and holding seminars/conferences on relevant topics for the region. In a nutshell, the office functions as a bridge between the region and the IMF, facilitating their mutual understanding.

Leveraging on its achievement over the past 25 years, OAP will never stop evolving into an even more useful resource for policy makers, academics, and other constituencies in the region. I am committed to lead this evolution from the front, taking full advantage of my experience both at the IMF headquarters and the Japanese government. Please stay tuned for our upcoming activities and new messages from OAP!

Best regards,

Akihiko Yoshida