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Open Track Application for AY2021-22 (deadline: June 1, 2021)

Application for the Open Track for AY2021-22 is open. If you wish to apply, please refer to the e-brochure and sample application formand prepare requested materials and information prior to proceeding to the online application  (Closed)

Welcome Reception

A welcome reception was held for 37 new scholars under JISPA. See Tweet, FB

February 26, 2021, Tokyo, Japan (Virtual)

JISPA Continuing Education (JISPA-CE) Program for JISPA alumni

23 alumni from 10 countries participated in the Inclusive Growth Course. See Tweet1, FB1Tweet2, FB2

January 18 - February 5, 2021, Tokyo, Japan (Virtual)

Partnership Track application for AY2021-2022 (deadline: December 1, 2020)

Application for the Partnership Track for AY2021-22 is open. If you wish to apply, please refer to the e-brochure and the sample applicationand prepare the necessary information and materials. The Online Application is now open. (Closed)

JISPA Summer Workshop

JISPA scholars, most of whom are entering the second year, participated in the three-day workshop to lean about IMF macroeconomic analysis tools. See Tweet and Facebook.

September 8-10, 2020, Tokyo, Japan (Virtual)

What is JISPA?

The Japan - IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA) is an initiative for junior government officials from key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to pursue graduate-level economics degrees at Japanese universities. This aims to contribute to institutional capacity building in the region. JISPA graduates are expected to serve as future macroeconomic policy makers to contribute to the economic development of their countries.

The JISPA comprises of two tracks: (1) partnership-track, where scholarship recipients pursue a master’s degree at one of several IMF partner universities; and (2) open-track, where they can choose their own universities to study either at a master’s level or a PhD course.

The scholarship recipients are offered opportunities to join various JISPA exclusive events and IMF-related activities, including seminars and conferences, receptions and round-table discussions with Japanese officials and IMF economists. 

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Voices of Scholars

Many students and graduates of the scholarship program call their experience in Japan exceptional and unforgettable. 

 "JISPA helps develop scholars with remarkable knowledge to become macroeconomic policymakers. Studying in Japan, I was able to develop independent learning and research habits, and get a beautiful memory of the four seasons: a green summer, a golden autumn, a snow-land winter and a colorful spring. Studying with international students from around the world has helped build up my confidence, and the experience has become a great asset for my future. I am now ready to serve my organization and country with greater productivity and efficiency." - Ms. Din Chansereyrath, Partnership Track (AY2019-21), National Bank of Cambodia


“I am highly grateful to the JISPA for its valuable assistance to fulfill my dream of higher education. To keep up with the current changing world, the arrangements of JISPA for learning and sharing knowledge through web meetings are praiseworthy. Being a part of this esteemed program, I feel honored. I will wholeheartedly try to contribute my acquired knowledge and research skills in economic decision-making to supporting my country's sustainable growth and development.” - Mr. Md Arif-Ur-Rahman, Open Track (AY2019-21), Bangladesh Bank

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Special Programs

IMF offers special training opportunities for the JISPA scholarship recipients throughout the program and beyond to support their academic endeavor and career advancement.  

Orientation Program (for new entrants)

An extended orientation program is is one of the highlights for the scholarship recipients under the partnership track. New entrants are invited to attend the 10-week orientation sessions, spanning from academic English to mathematics for economics to cultural understanding, at the International University of Japan in Niigata prior to the commencement of the academic course. This is an opportunity to build a strong tie among the scholars.

Summer Workshop (for current scholars)

An exclusive workshop is offered during the summer break for those who have completed their first-year studies. The three-day workshop provides the scholars with opportunities to gain deeper understanding and broader perspectives of IMF engagement with its member countries in the region.

Continuing Education Program (for alumni)

The JISPA support is extended even after the scholar’s graduation. In collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the JISPA offers a Continuing Education Program (JISPA-CE) for alumni serving as mid-level officials in their respective countries. It is part of career-long capacity development for JISPA alumni, aimed at strengthening their analytical skills that may help their policy making for their respective agencies and facilitate their policy dialogues at international fora.



Those who are interested in the scholarship program must submit an application form with supporting documents during the set application periods. 

Partnership-track: September 1 - December 1 (subject to change)

Open-track: April 1 - June 1 (subject to change)

Applicants for the partnership track are required to state their choice of preferred universities in the application. Please read the JISPA e-brochure for detailed information on the partnership university programs, eligibility and application procedures. 

The selection process may involve an interview and a mathematics test. Only those who are shortlisted will be invited for the interview.  

Sample Math Test



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