IMF Updates Climate Change Indicators Dashboard

April 7, 2022

Washington, DC – April 07, 2022: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today further updated the Climate Change Indicators Dashboard —an international statistical initiative to address the growing need for data in macroeconomic and financial policy analysis related to climate change. At this time, major updates include introducing new indicators as well as updating data for the existing indicators as follows:

  • Two new indicators have been introduced: CO2 emissions and CO2 emissions intensities;
  • CO2 emissions multipliers – previously published in the CID as CO2 emissions per unit of output – has been updated to 2018, with the number of industries covered increasing from 36 to 45, and the number of countries increasing from 64 to 66;
  • Quarterly air emission accounts have been updated to 2021 Q3, with a breakdown by gas type;
  • CO2 emissions embodied in international trade have been updated to 2018;
  • CO2 emissions embodied in gross fixed capital formation financed by direct investment have been updated to 2018;
  • CO2 emissions in output and cross-border trade by firm ownership have been updated to 2016;
  • National Mitigation Targets have been updated based on the revised Nationally Determined Contributions submitted by countries to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC);
  • National Greenhouse Gas Inventories have been updated to include disaggregated information for 6 sectors and 14 sub-sectors, and estimates for the years 1990-2020;
  • Trade in Environmental Goods and in Low Carbon Technology Products have been updated with new and revised data through 2020, and selected bilateral data through 2021;
  • Green Bonds indicators have been updated to 2021;
  • Environmental Taxes have been updated to 2020; and,
  • Environmental Protection Expenditures have been updated to 2020.

These updates and other details are included in the first edition of a newsletter, the IMF Climate Change Indicators Dashboard Quarterly Release , also released today. The newsletter is available via the Dashboard.

The Dashboard was launched exactly one year ago , in conjunction with an IMF Seminar on A Critical Year for Climate Action where IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry discussed how to turn climate ambitions into action while creating vibrant and inclusive opportunities as part of the transition to the new climate economy.

Since then, the Dashboard has continued to adapt to developing methodologies, available data sources, and new data needs. The Dashboard will also help support the climate change related recommendations included in the G20 new Data Gaps Initiative when implemented. Updates and revisions will be communicated via the quarterly newsletter as well as on the Dashboard as described in the Data Updates and Revisions Policy .

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