9th IMF Statistical Forum: Measuring Climate Change: The Economic and Financial Dimensions

November 17-18, 2021

The 9th Statistical Forum of the International Monetary Fund will take place virtually during November 17–18, 2021. The Forum is a platform for policymakers, researchers, private sector, regulators and compilers of economic and financial data to come together to discuss cutting-edge issues in macroeconomic and financial statistics and to build support for statistical improvements.

The theme of this year’s Statistical Forum is “Measuring Climate Change: The Economic and Financial Dimensions. The risks posed by climate change are wide-ranging and profound. Both the risks and the mitigations have strong economic and financial dimensions. Climate change is macro critical for public policy with concerns ranging from fiscal imbalances to financial stability, as well as food and water security and impacts on vulnerable populations and regions. However, the existing frameworks for statistics related to climate change—either conceptual, analytical or empirical—are not yet sufficiently developed to provide sound data for evidence-based policy making. In this context, the Forum will build on the Climate Change Indicators Dashboard recently developed by IMF in collaboration with other international organizations and launched in April 2021.

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