8th IMF Statistical Forum: Measuring the Economics of a Pandemic

November 18-19, 2020

Update on the IMF Statistical Forum 2020: Forum on Climate Change postponed to 2021.

This year’s new theme: Measuring the Economics of a Pandemic.

Given the social and economic struggles triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, governments and international organizations are focusing on the most urgent policy needs and are reprioritizing their short- and medium-term work programs. In this context, the IMF Statistics Department (STA) has decided to postpone the Statistical Forum on Climate Change Indicators that was scheduled for November 2020 to next year. Instead, a Statistical Forum on Measuring the Economics of a Pandemic will be held on the same dates, November 18–19, 2020. This year’s Forum will examine the statistical implications of the crisis both for the types of data needed for policymaking, as well as for the statistical work itself—source data collection and processing, and the production and dissemination of indicators. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

The postponement of this year’s theme to 2021 does not diminish the fundamental importance of developing statistics on climate change that are fit for economic and financial analysis. STA will continue working on the development of a Climate Change Indicators Dashboard in cooperation with other international organizations, countries’ statistical authorities, and other interested stakeholders.

A new call for papers will be made in the coming weeks for the new 2020 Forum on the statistical implications of the pandemic.

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