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Title: Frameworks for Monetary Stability: Policy Issues and Country Experiences

Series: Books

Date: December 15, 1994

Notes: Papers presented at the sixth seminar on central banking organized by the International Monetary Fund and held in Washington, D.C. March 1-10, 1994.

Subject: Banking Central bank bills Central banks Exchange rate policy Exchange rates Financial institutions Foreign exchange Government securities Inflation Open market operations Prices

Title: Debt Stocks, Debt Flows and the Balance of Payments

Series: Books

Date: December 1, 1994

Notes: This report extends the discussion of stocks of external debt contained in a 1988 report by the International Working Group on External Debt Statistics. Copies of that report entitled External Debt: Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology may be obtained from OECD publications, 2 rue Andre-Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France.

Subject: Arrears Balance of payments statistics Banking Economic and financial statistics External debt Financial institutions Loans Stocks

Title: Financial Policies and Capital Markets in Arab Countries

Author: El-Naggar, Saíd

Series: Books

Date: September 15, 1994

Notes: Papers presented at a Seminar held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, January 25-26, 1994.

Subject: Balance of payments Capital markets Financial markets Financial regulation and supervision Financial sector reform Foreign direct investment Securities markets Stock markets

Title: Building Sound Finance in Emerging Market Economies: Proceedings of a Conference held in Washington, D.C., June 10-11, 1993

Series: Books

Date: June 15, 1994

Notes: The Conference was sponsored jointly by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and held at IMF Headquerters in Washington, D.C. Published jointly with the World Bank.

Subject: Banking Commercial banks Credit Distressed assets Financial institutions Financial markets Financial sector policy and analysis Foreign banks Money Payment systems Stock markets

Title: Approaches to Exchange Rate Policy

Series: Books

Date: June 1, 1994

Notes: Papers presented at the seminar on exchange rate policies in developing and transition economies, December 3-11, 1992.

Subject: Currency markets Exchange rate adjustments Exchange rate arrangements Exchange rate policy Exchange rates Financial markets Foreign exchange Real exchange rates