Global Financial Stability Report

The Global Financial Stability Report provides an assessment of the global financial system and markets, and addresses emerging market financing in a global context. It focuses on current market conditions, highlighting systemic issues that could pose a risk to financial stability and sustained market access by emerging market borrowers. The Report draws out the financial ramifications of economic imbalances highlighted by the IMF's World Economic Outlook. It contains, as special features, analytical chapters or essays on structural or systemic issues relevant to international financial stability.

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Global Financial Stability Report: Market Developments and Issues, June 2002--Contents

June 12, 2002

Description: This is the second issue of the Global Financial Stability Report. This particular issue draws, in part, on a series of informal discussions with commerical investment banks, securities firms, asset management companies, insurance companies, pension funds, stock and futures exchanges, and credit rating agencies in China, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The report reflects mostly information available up to May 10, 2002.

Global Financial Stability Report: Market Developments and Issues, March 2002--Contents

March 14, 2002

Description: Reviews recent developments in global financial markets and explores the potential market impact of financial imbalances and continued credit quality deterioration. It also focuses on the expansion of credit risk transfer mechanisms -- such as credit derivatives and collateralized debt obligations -- as a means for distributing credit risks. The report concludes with two essays: one on Early Warning System models and another on alternative funding instruments for emerging market countries.

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