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Financial Programming and Policies-Inflation Targeting (FPP-IT)

General Macroeconomic Analysis

This course, presented by the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development, uses the main building blocks of a standard FPP course - sector interrelations and adjustment policies - but places significant emphasis on analytical and technical issues related to an Inflation Targeting (IT) monetary framework and the channels of monetary transmission. Special attention is given to how central bankers following an IT strategy respond to macroeconomic disequilibria arising from domestic and external shocks, and to the attendant effects on output and inflation.
The course includes lectures on the main policy issues underlying adjustment programs, emphasizing complementarities and coordination among policies. Case studies are presented on current economic issues and on the experiences of countries that have adopted an IT framework. The course includes a series of workshops in which participants are divided into groups, under the guidance of counselors, to work on analytical and forecasting techniques for the macroeconomic sectors and on various specialized topics, including IT techniques. The final part of the course is devoted to the preparation of a hypothetical adjustment program for an IT country from Latin America.

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    Target Audience

    Senior officials from central banks and ministries of finance and the economy who provide advice on macroeconomic and financial policy or who are involved in policy implementation.
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    Applicants should have an advanced degree in economics or equivalent experience, as well as proficiency in the use of spreadsheets.
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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
    • Assess the economic performance of the country
    • Implement fiscal adjustments to stabilize the government budget
    • Design a fiscal and monetary framework with clear objectives and priorities
    • Use a small general equilibrium model to implement conditional forecasting for key macroeconomic variables
    • Assess the pros and cons of alternative macroeconomic policies to increase
    • growth maintaining inflation at target
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