System of National Accounts, 1993

Publication Date:

March 15, 1993


The 1993 SNA represents a major advance in national accounting. While updating and clarifying the 1968 SNA, the 1993 SNA provides the basis for improving compilation of national accounts statistics, promoting integration of economic and related statistics, and enhancing analysis of economic developments. The 1993 SNA deals more clearly with relationships between economic flows (such as production, income, savings, accumulation, and financing) and links between these flows and stocks. At the same time the 1993 SNA reflects the many significant developments that have taken place in financial markets and completes the integration of balance sheets into the system. The 1993 SNA also suggests how satellite accounts (e.g. environmental accounts) and alternative classifications (e.g., through social accounting matrices) an be used to augment the central framework of the system.





Prepared under the auspices of the Inter-Secretariat Working Group on National Accounts of the Commission of the European Communities--Eurostat; International Monetary Fund; Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development; the Statistical Division, Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, and regional commissions of the United Nations; and the World Bank.
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Publication Date:

March 15, 1993



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