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Early retirement

Early retirement incentives

Early warning systems


East Africa

East Asia

East Timor

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU)

Eastern Europe


Econometric models

Economic analysis

Economic and financial statistics

Economic and Financial Topics

Economic assistance

Economic classification

Economic Community of West African States

Economic conditions

Economic cooperation

Economic cycles

Economic data and statistics

Economic databases

Economic development

Economic expansion

Economic fluctuation

Economic forecasting

Economic functions

Economic growth

Economic indicators

Economic integration

Economic models

Economic policy

Economic recession

Economic recovery

Economic reforms

Economic sectors

Economic stability

Economic stabilization

Economic statistics

Economic status

Economic summits

Economic systems

Economic theory


Economies in transition


Edson Manguinhane


Education policy

Education spending

Educational policy

Effective tax rate

Efficiency of public spending


Eighth Basic Period

El Salvador

Elected Executive Directors

Electric power

Electrical energies


Eleventh basic period

Eleventh General Review of Quotas

Emergency assistance

Emergency financing mechanism

Emerging and frontier financial markets

Emerging financial markets

Emerging markets

Emigrant remittances

Emigration and immigration

Emigration and immigration (Economic Aspects)

Emine Hanedar

Emissions trading

Employee compensation

Employee selection


Employment policy


Energy conservation

Energy policy

Energy prices

Energy pricing policy

Energy resources

Energy sector

Energy subsidies

Energy taxes

Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility

Enhanced surveillance

Enlarged access policy



Environmental policy

Environmental protection

Environmental sustainability

Environmental taxes

Environmentally sustainable development

Equatorial Guinea


Equilibrium (Economics)

Equilibrium. Econometric models

Equity and social spending

Equity markets

Equity prices


Error analysis

Error analysis (mathematics)

ESAF arrangement requests

ESAF arrangements

Estate taxes

Estimated incomes and expenses

Estimation techniques





Euro Area

Euro Area (EA)

Euro dollar markets

Eurobond market

Eurobond markets


European Central Bank

European Communities Commission

European Community

European Currency Unit

European Economic and Monetary Union

European Investment Bank

European Monetary System

European Monetary Union

European Union

European Union (EU)

Evaluation Committee

Evaluation group

Evaluation office

Ex post assessments

Exceptional use of Fund resources

Excess liquidity

Exchange arrangements

Exchange control measures

Exchange control regulations

Exchange market developments

Exchange market rates

Exchange markets

Exchange policy

Exchange premiums

Exchange rate adjustments

Exchange rate appreciation

Exchange rate arrangements

Exchange rate assessments

Exchange rate depreciation

Exchange rate determination

Exchange rate developments

Exchange rate flexibility

Exchange rate guarantees

Exchange rate indexes

Exchange rate indicators

Exchange rate instability

Exchange rate management

Exchange rate markets

Exchange rate pass-through

Exchange rate pegs

Exchange rate policy

Exchange rate policy reviews

Exchange rate policy surveillance

Exchange rate realignments

Exchange rate regimes

Exchange rate shocks

Exchange rate stability

Exchange rate unification

Exchange rate variability

Exchange rates

Exchange restrictions

Exchange risk

Exchange system liberalization

Exchange systems

Exchange taxes

Excise taxes


Executive Board

Executive Board calendar

Executive Board composition

Executive Board decisions

Executive Board discussion postponement

Executive Board documents

Executive Board informal sessions

Executive Board meetings

Executive Board Minutes

Executive Board procedures

Executive Board seminars

Executive Board size

Executive Board work procedures

Executive Board work program

Executive Directors

Exhaustible resources

Exogenous Shocks Facility



Expenditure chain

Expenditure composition

Expenditure controls

Expenditure efficiency

Expenditure measures

Expenditure policy


Export competitiveness

Export credits

Export diversification

Export duties

Export earnings

Export growth

Export inflation insurance

Export markets

Export performance

Export price indexes

Export prices

Export promotion

Export restraints

Export sector

Export shortfalls

Export subsidies

Export taxes


Extended arrangement cancellations

Extended arrangement extension

Extended arrangement purchases

Extended arrangement requests

Extended arrangement reviews

Extended arrangement text amendments

Extended arrangements

Extended Credit Facility

Extended Fund Facility

External accounts

External activities

External audit

External audit and oversight

External Audit Committee

External audit mechanism

External auditors

External borrowing

External communications

External competitiveness

External debt

External debt limits

External debt statistics

External financing

External payments arrears

External position

External sector

External sector assessment

External sector data

External Sector Report

External sector statistics

External shocks

External spillovers

External trade

External training programs

Extra budgetary funds