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Rahul Giri

Rand Monetary Area

Rapid Credit Facility

Rapid Credit Facility (RCF)

Rapid Financing Instrument

Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI)

Rate of charge

Rate of charges

Rational expectations

Real effective exchange rates

Real estate prices

Real exchange rate misalignment

Real exchange rates

Real interest rates

Real sector

Real sector statistics

Real wages


Recent Economic Developments Reports


Recruitment of women by Fund

Recurrent taxes on immovable property

Recurrent taxes on net wealth

Recycling process

Reda Cherif

Regional economic integration

Regional Economic Outlook

Regional economics

Regional integration

Regional shocks

Regional Technical Assistance Centers

Regional trade

Regression analysis

Regulatory forbearance

Reimbursement to General Department for expenses

Related party lending

Relationships with Fund

Remittance money



Renewable energy

Renewable resources


Rent seeking


Repayment of borrowing by Fund

Reports on the observance of standards and codes

Reports to Board of Governors

Reports to Interim Committee

Reports to International Monetary and Financial Committee

Representative exchange rates

Republic of Armenia

Republic of Belarus

Republic of Congo

Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Republic of Estonia

Republic of Korea

Republic of Nauru

Republic of Slovenia

Republic of Uzbekistan

Repurchase agreements

Repurchase obligations


Reschedule of repurchases

Reserve assets

Reserve currencies

Reserve management guidelines

Reserve management policy

Reserve positions

Reserve requirements

Reserve tranche positions


Reserves accumulation

Reserves adequacy

Reserves management

Resident Representatives

Residential mortgages

Resolution framework

Resource allocation

Resource mobilization

Restraint of trade

Results of voting on resolutions


Retirement pensions

Return on investment

Revenue administration

Revenue administration transparency and accountability

Revenue forecasting

Revenue measures

Revenue mobilization

Revenue sources


Rights accumulation program

Risk management

Risk premium

Risk-based supervision

Risks of public-private partnership

Risk-weighted asset

Role of SDR



Rule I-6(4)

Rule O-2

Rule O-2(a)

Rule T-1

Rule T-1(c)

Rules and Regulations


Russian Federation

Ruud A. de Mooij