Welcome to the IMF Revenue Portal, where you can find information on the IMF’s work on revenue issues including tax policy and tax and customs administration, led by our team in the Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD).

The Revenue Portal encompasses a broad range of products related to the IMF’s Capacity Development (CD) and research work, including reports, tools, working papers, technical notes, and other publications on priority revenue issues as well as training courses and seminars, offering a repository of the IMF’s work to the international community.

Available now: FAD's New Publication - Building Tax Capacity in Developing Countries

September 19, 2023


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Where We're Working

Our Capacity Development Work

The Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) provides capacity development (CD) in fiscal policy, including reform design and implementation, sharing knowledge with governments’ fiscal institutions such as ministries of finance and tax and customs administrations, supporting fiscal systems, and strengthening tax and customs institutions' modernization. Strategic advice, as well as hands-on implementation support, peer-to-peer learning, and training are delivered to countries in various ways:

(i) IMF staff and qualified technical experts offer expert advice to country officials both in country and remotely from headquarters; (ii) a network of Regional Capacity Development Centers provides hands-on implementation support to countries under the guidance of headquarters; and (iii) in-person and online training courses are provided for government officials on targeted topics.

Engage the IMF for CD in Your Country

CD is part of the IMF’s core mandate, along with country and regional surveillance and lending to countries that experience balance of payment and other crises. To learn more about CD, click Capacity Development. To request specific CD in tax policy, tax or customs administration, email revenueportal@IMF.org

External Projects

The IMF’s capacity development work in the revenue domain is also delivered through multiple collaborative projects with other CD providers. For more information on our partners, please see CD Partners.

Online Learning

Short Term Expert Assignments

To help deliver its capacity development work, the IMF draws on a roster of experienced senior professionals from around the world to undertake short-term assignments in member countries to provide subject matter expertise. If you are interested in learning more about the short-term assignments or working with the IMF on revenue issues, click here or send your CV to FADEXPERTS@imf.org


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If you have any questions about the IMF’s work in the revenue domain, please contact us.