International Monetary Fund
Armenia, Republic of: IMF's Holdings of Currency
as of December 31, 2002

The currency holdings of the IMF are the resources held at the disposal of the IMF in the IMF No. 1 Account, No. 2 Account, and Securities Account in depositories designated by its member countries. These currency holdings are obtained as a result of members' quota payments and transactions between the IMF and members.

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Date Securities Nbr 1 Account Nbr 2 Account CVA Account CVA Nbr 2 Account Total Holdings
December 31, 2002105,070,997266,1464,703725,35732106,067,235
December 31, 2001109,615,882278,9764,6611,792,64274111,692,235
December 31, 2000113,878,022273,5404,6083,160,938127117,317,235
December 31, 1999126,748,109266,7574,6512,250,75984129,270,360
December 31, 1998107,997,711275,1234,4846,050,557251114,328,126
December 31, 1997107,809,085289,0034,7106,646,913290114,750,001
December 31, 1996117,345,359314,5665,127-2,914,925-127114,750,000
December 31, 1995122,852,025329,3285,368-8,436,353-368114,750,000
December 31, 199417,216,9649212467,152,1154,97684,375,000
December 31, 199322,520,29760,6781,61144,914,0253,38967,500,000
December 31, 199267,796,633182,6684,850-484,30115067,500,000

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.
Armenia, Republic of: Financial Position in the Fund