Senior Officials of the International Monetary Fund


Managing Director   Kristalina Georgieva 

First Deputy Managing Director Geoffrey W.S. Okamoto

Deputy Managing Director Antoinette Sayeh

Deputy Managing Director  Mitsuhiro Furusawa

Deputy Managing Director  Tao Zhang

Economic Counsellor  Gita Gopinath

Financial Counsellor  Tobias Adrian

African Department Director  Abebe Aemro Selassie

Asia and Pacific Department Director  Changyong Rhee

European Department Director Alfred Kammer

Communications Department Director  Gerard Rice

Corporate Services and Facilities Department Director Jennifer Lester

Finance Department Director  Andrew Tweedie

Fiscal Affairs Department Director  Vitor Gaspar

Human Resources Department Director  Kalpana Kochhar

Institute for Capacity Development Director  Sharmini A. Coorey

Legal Department General Counsel and Director  Rhoda Weeks-Brown

Middle East and Central Asia Department Director   Jihad Azour

Monetary and Capital Markets Department Director  Tobias Adrian

Research Department Director  Gita Gopinath

Secretary's Department, Secretary of the Fund  Jianhai Lin

Statistics Department Chief Statistician and Data Officer and Director  Louis Marc Ducharme

Strategy, Policy, and Review Department, Director  Martin Mühleisen

Chief Information Officer and Information Technology Department Director  Edward C. Anderson

Western Hemisphere Department Director  Alejandro Werner

Office of Budget and Planning Director Michele Shannon

Office of Internal Audit and Inspection, Director  Nancy Asiko Onyango

Investment Office Director  Derek L. Bills

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Director  Chikahisa Sumi

Offices in Europe Director Ashok Bhatia

Special Representative to the UN  Robert Powell

Independent Evaluation Office Director  Charles Collyns