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The IMF’s Offices in Europe, located in Brussels and Paris, serves as liaison to EU and euro-area institutions and governments, as well as international organizations, academics, civil society, and media.

Its main tasks include:

Engaging with European policymakers and other interlocutors on euro area and EU policies; as well as fostering a dialogue on global economic issues; 
Supporting IMF operations in Europe, including policy advice, lending arrangements, technical assistance, and recruitment efforts;
Helping to coordinate communication and outreach activities across the region.


Immediately after its creation, the Fund played a key role in various postwar initiatives, such as the creation of the European Payments Union (EPU) and the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC, which in 1960 became the OECD). The Office in Europe was created in Paris in 1948 to serve as observer and personal representative of the Managing Director at these new institutions. Over time, the functions of the office expanded to include wider liaison with European-based institutions, external relations, and outreach to academic institutions, NGOs, and the public.

The IMF Europe Office was established in 2013, comprising the Paris Office and the newly created Brussels Office 

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Europe and the IMF