International Monetary Fund

Liberia: Transactions with the Fund, Interest and Charges Detail
from January 01, 2008 To December 31, 2008

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Date Description Due Settled
February 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges105,6970
February 06, 2008GRA Charges2,306,3920
March 14, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges02,914,034
March 14, 2008GRA Charges0244,202,424
March 14, 2008GRA SCA 1 Charges04,310,492
March 14, 2008GRA Special Charges031,062,317
March 14, 2008TF Special Charges05,049,347
March 14, 2008Trust Fund Interest02,766,057
May 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges074,646
May 06, 2008GRA Charges02,721,005
May 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges74,6460
May 06, 2008GRA Charges2,721,0050
June 30, 2008PRGT Interest0305,793
June 30, 2008Trust Fund Interest024,081
June 30, 2008PRGT Interest305,7930
June 30, 2008Trust Fund Interest24,0810
August 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges077,542
August 06, 2008GRA Charges03,634,605
August 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges77,5420
August 06, 2008GRA Charges3,634,6050
November 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges068,934
November 06, 2008GRA Charges03,352,804
November 06, 2008GRA Burden Sharing Charges68,9340
November 06, 2008GRA Charges3,352,8040
December 31, 2008PRGT Interest0521,172
December 31, 2008PRGT Interest521,1720
Totals 13,192,671 301,085,253

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Liberia: Financial Position in the Fund