Claire Liuksila

Director, Office of Technical Assistance Management
Biographical Information

July 28, 2017

Claire Liuksila is the Director of the Office of Technical Assistance Management, a post she assumed in June 2001 when the Office was created.

She earned her undergraduate degree from Vassar College and her economics from Cambridge University. Ms. Liuksila began her IMF career in the Economist Program, and has worked in a number of IMF departments, including European I, Fiscal Affairs, and Statistics. Between 1993 and 1997, she was the Editor in Chief of Finance and Development.

Ms. Liuksila has published a number of articles on issues related to public finance and statistics, including: Fiscal Policy Sustainability in Oil Producing Countries , IMF Working Paper (WP/94/137), (with A. Garcia and S. Bassett); Argentina (with Gerd Schwartz), in Fiscal Federalism in Theory and Practice, edited by T. Ter-Minassian (1997); and Further Steps Toward a Framework for Assessing Data Quality (2001; with Carol Carson).