AntiCorruption challenge

IMF Anti Corruption Challenge

As we search for the brightest ideas to promote good governance and fight corruption, we are pleased to announce that the Anti-Corruption IMF Challenge received over 120 proposals from country officials, representatives of civil society & international organizations from over 30 countries around the world. Here are the 23 shortlisted proposalsOr learn more about the challenge in general. 


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Fund Challenge

IMF 2020 Fund Challenge

Finalist teams will visit the IMF Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C., in April 2020. This is an opportunity to meet with policy makers, members of academia, and civil society organizations from around the world. Finalists will also present their analysis to other participants of the Spring Meetings, attend seminars, press conferences, and other events.

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Big Data for Surveillance

The IMF recently held a Pitch Event as part of a program promoting innovation, sponsored by the Fund’s iLab. The challenge generated 24 ideas, with 921 staff participants. Out of the eight finalist teams, three outstanding proposals were selected for seed funding. Find out more about the winning projects and teams.

Who We Are

The IMF’s Innovation Lab (iLab) was launched in September 2017. Its main task is to foster a culture of innovation across the institution. In a time of rapid change, digital transformation, and technological progress, innovation can help the IMF respond, and leverage these new mechanisms, to deliver its core activities in an agile, integrated, and member-focused way.

What We Do

The iLab serves as a problem-solving center, where staff develop new solutions, processes, and policies using new and cutting-edge skills. The iLab is a physical space that invites creativity, exploration of ideas; and a training and networking hub for innovation. The iLab partners with academics, CSOs, governments, and other multilateral organizations to encourage collaborative solutions for our member countries.

Why We Do It

The purpose of innovation at the IMF is to improve the Fund’s processes, ways of working, and ultimately, outputs, to more effectively further our mission and serve our member countries.

Former Managing Director Christine Lagarde shares her thoughts about innovation and about why it is critical to embrace and nurture a culture of innovation for the benefit of those we serve.