In August 2021, the IMF issued a historic US$650 billion in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to its member countries. This website tracks how countries are using their SDRs. Using IMF country reports, it compiles excerpts that provide information on the use of SDRs. The goal of this tracker is to promote transparency and accountability in how countries are putting these resources to use to help their people or to help other countries with higher financing needs.

IMF SDR Allocation and Usage

Note: Information on members’ use or plan to use SDRs is drawn from staff reports on Fund arrangements or Article IV consultations which were published after the implementation of the general allocation of SDRs on August 23, 2021. Members with no information are those for which there has been no staff report or there was a staff report on Article IV consultation which however has not been published because the relevant member has not yet consented to its publication.

The full list of countries and amounts allocated to them in the 2021 general SDR allocation is available by clicking on the map or here. Data on cumulative SDR Allocation and Holdings is available here. In addition, to further enhance transparency, the publication of statistics on SDR holdings has been expanded with the new allocation. Starting from October 2021, staff has enhanced the quarterly financial reports (see: II. SDR Department / SCHEDULE 3: Changes in Holdings) that include individual members’ SDR holdings by publishing changes in members SDR holdings by two broad aggregate categories: (i) those related to IMF operations; and (ii) SDR trading and other uses. The latest quarterly report on IMF finances can be viewed here. The Board paper entitled Annual Update on SDR Trading Operations provides additional analysis on the use of the Fund’s Voluntary Trading Arrangements (VTAs) and trends in SDR exchanges, including experience with sales after the new SDR allocation and aggregate VTA trading information such as trading ranges. Staff will also publish an ex-post report on the use of the SDR allocation by August 2023. Staff reports’ coverage builds on the Guidance Note on the Treatment and Use of SDR Allocations.

Allocation-to-GDP ratios are calculated using end-2020 GDP figures in US dollars, as published in the April 2021 WEO. The SDR exchange rate of reference is 0.700343 SDR per USD as of August 2, 2021 (the date of approval of the General Allocation of SDRs by the Board of Governors of the IMF).

Country borders or names do not necessarily reflect the IMFs official position. Country groups follow IMF's quota-based classification. This website is updated about every two months. Last updated April 21, 2023.