IMF Terminology

The IMF Multilingual Terminology Database (IMF TermBase) is a collection of terms, phrases, acronyms, and institutional titles covering a broad variety of areas of IMF work. It provides English terms with their equivalents in a number of languages.

The IMF TermBase contains over 17,000 entries and acronyms encountered in IMF documents in areas such as money and banking, public finance, balance of payments, and economic growth. It also lists equivalent translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

This database is constantly being updated and expanded by IMF Language Services to stay abreast of the latest developments in the living economic language of the international community. Please refer to these instructions to facilitate your searches.


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Disclaimer: This Terminology database was initially developed for the IMF Language Services to serve as a reference tool. Public users can now consult the read-only database via our website. If you notice any errors in our database, we encourage you to bring them to our attention and we will make best efforts to correct them promptly. The Fund is not responsible nor liable whatsoever with regard to the data in the IMF Termbase.