The use of the IMF seal

The IMF seal is the official emblem of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF seal is trademarked by the IMF, and there are special rules relating to its use.

External visibility

The IMF seal can be used only on co-sponsored or co-organized events.


The IMF seal can be used only on work published by the IMF or one of the IMF’s official co-publishers.

IMF seal
Permission Required

Individuals, including IMF employees and staff, are not authorized to use or share the IMF seal without permission.

If you would like to use the seal for any purpose, or have questions about its reproduction and use, contact us.

The history of the IMF seal

In 1946, Roman L. Horne, the IMF’s temporary secretary, requested the design of the IMF seal. The U.S. Treasury Department did the first design.

Following some alterations by the IMF, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing rendered the IMF seal into its final form. On May 6, 1946, the IMF unveiled the seal at the first meeting of the Executive Board.

Trademark in 1962

The IMF seal was registered with the International Bureau for the Protection of Industrial, Literary, and Artistic Property, under Article 6ter subparagraphs 1(a)-(c), of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, on October 12, 1962.

The meaning of the IMF seal

The shield signifies protection and stability.

The interlocking hemispheres of the world intend to illustrate a global reach, not a precise map of the world.

The olive branch represents peace and prosperity.

The spelled out name of the IMF uses a serif font with two five-pointed stars.

IMF seal
Olive Branch
The IMF initials

Due to the intricate design of the IMF seal, it cannot be reproduced below a minimum size. To ensure brand recognition, use the IMF initials to increase legibility at smaller sizes.

The IMF initials as a brand mark

The initials IMF appear in English and cannot be translated. If translation is needed, this can appear next to the initials IMF, in the correspondent member official language.

IMF Staff: Access the full branding library on the IMF Intranet using the searchword “brand”.
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