IMF Spokesperson Statement on Argentina

August 28, 2019

International Monetary Fund Chief Spokesperson Gerry Rice made the following statement on Argentina today:

“An IMF staff team led by Mr. Roberto Cardarelli is returning to Washington today as previously scheduled. The team held productive talks with Finance Minister Hernán Lacunza, and BCRA President Guido Sandleris and their respective teams. IMF staff also met with Mr. Alberto Fernández and members of his economic team to exchange views on the Argentine economy.

“Regarding the debt operation announced by the Argentine authorities today, Fund staff is in the process of analyzing them and assessing their impact. Staff understands that the authorities have taken these important steps to address liquidity needs and safeguard reserves.

“Staff will remain in close contact with the authorities in the period ahead and the Fund will continue to stand with Argentina during these challenging times.”

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