High Level Policy Dialogue on Inequality: Developments and Policy Challenges in the Post-COVID Environment

Virtual Event

September 20-21, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an acute health and economic crisis, exacerbating income inequality all over the world. The food and fuel price shock following the Ukraine war is adding to the difficulties. These shocks and developments are particularly worrisome for sub-Saharan Africa, one of the most unequal regions pre-pandemics and the least capable to cushion the effects of the crisis on the most vulnerable. Our IMF Policy Dialogue on Inequality will focus on these latest developments; the potential policy responses; and their implementation in a very complex and tight policy environment. The event will have a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa, with discussions about the Latin America responses.


Save the date and join us on September 20 and 21. The event will include remarks and presentations, together with a policy dialogue in which representatives from 5 African and 2 Latin American countries will share their experiences (Senegal, the Minister for Digitalization for Togo, Rwanda and Mozambique; Brazil and others).


Register here: https://www.cvent.com/d/r9qwvy
Send your questions to: IMFLive@IMF.org

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Trends and Drivers in Inequality in the World/LICs (Prof. Francisco H. G. Ferreira) – English | French | Portuguese

Zooming in on Sub-Saharan Africa: Inequality Developments and Description of Policy Responses in the Region (Prof. Robert Darko Osei) – English | French | Portuguese

Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa (Gabriela Inchauste) – English | French | Portuguese

COVID-19 and Cash Transfers: Experiences and Lessons from Latin America (Merike Blofield) – English | French | Portuguese

From Bolsa Familia to Auxílio Brasil: the Brazilian CCT experience (Tiago Falcão Silva) – English | French | Portuguese

COVID-19 and Inequality: Issues, Challenges and Policy Responses (Samuel Dusengiyumva) – English | French | Portuguese

Social protection and Inequality in Mozambique in the post-COVID-19 Era (Olivia Faite) – English | French | Portuguese

The Experience of Senegal in the Fight Against Inequality (Abdou Diouf) – English | French | Portuguese