Expecting the Unexpected: Strengthening Fiscal Risk Management in the Middle East and North Africa

Low- and middle-income countries in the Middle East and North Africa region are confronted with significant fiscal risks that have far-reaching implications for economic stability, debt management, and the effective execution of fiscal policies. These risks emanate from various sources, including macroeconomic shocks, contingent liabilities, and tail-risk events such as natural disasters and health crises. Managing these risks requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing the identification, assessment, and mitigation of potential threats to fiscal sustainability.

The IMF, the Egyptian Ministry of Finance and the Economic Research Forum are pleased to invite you to the launch event of a new IMF paper analyzing the sources and management of fiscal risks in the region. The panel event will gather senior IMF staff, government officials and experts to in-depth discussions and the exploration of actionable strategies to enhance fiscal risk management in the Middle East and North Africa.

This event is a key milestone on the journey to the IMF and World Bank Group 2023 Annual Meetings in Marrakech.